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Posted on 10/30/2014



Carrick is living proof that miracles happen.


 So is Harrison. When he broke his leg, he reached us, not the end of the road.


And it was nothing short of a miracle that we rescued Shane and Liberty in time.


Membership support makes a miraculous difference.

By continuing your membership support last year, or joining as a new member, you helped save Carrick, Harrison, Shane, Liberty and 115 other newly rescued greyhounds, from puppies to seniors. They came to the adoption center from a racetrack in Mexico, farms throughout the Midwest, shelters across California and in Carrick’s case, from a cardboard box on the auction block in Abilene, Kansas.


Most “mama dogs,” like Carrick, are used for racing
and breeding until they’re used up.


At eight, Carrick had what the racing world would call a full life. As Flying Dawn, she ran 196 races, finished in the money 49 times and then produced 22 puppies. But instead of a cushy retirement, she and her recent litter were taken in a cardboard box to a greyhound auction. If a sympathetic trainer had not bought her, Carrick would have been killed because only her puppies were of value. The trainer then drove Carrick to us, along with 11 other dogs the racing industry considered expendable, including another mama dog and two puppies, one with a badly broken leg. We’ve rescued several mama dogs this year and they’ve all been adopted.


Poor track conditions led to a bad break for Harrison and a nasty infection, too.Harrison-Spread

At Caliente, the Mexican racetrack closest to the adoption center, the grading equipment hasn’t worked in years. Without a properly graded track, dogs are more likely to fracture their legs, like Harrison did. And because the dogs are not treated for injuries at the track, Harrison arrived at the adoption center with a serious infection that required medical intervention before he could have surgery. Not every one of this year’s 18 dogs with leg injuries required surgery, but they all needed lengthy recuperation, antibiotics or special medications, and repeat veterinary visits for splint or bandage changes.


Because many shelters are high risk, we didn’t have a minute to spare to rescue Shane and Liberty.

For Shane, a partially deaf black boy owner-relinquished at a shelter, and for Liberty, a very young greyhound taken to a shelter as a stray, our promise to save as many greyhounds as we can, even greyhound mixes, meant forever homes. For seven-month-old brindle puppy Maria, it meant much more. She was only a few hours away from euthanasia when our volunteers rushed to her rescue.



Please keep the miracles coming.Maria

Every dollar you give goes toward the dogs and operating expenses. So far this year, we’ve spent almost $131,000 for medical care, just over $71,000 for dog food and kennel supplies, plus all the other essential costs it takes to continue our life-saving mission.

We hope you will contribute to the best of your ability this year. In return, we’ll send our gratitude and a Greyhound Adoption Center vehicle decal. Contribute at the $55 level or above and we’ll send a special 2015 wall calendar of professionally photographed greyhounds from the adoption center.

Please join or renew right now.  https://www.houndsavers.org/basket/membership/

At GAC, we save as many dogs as we possibly can. We never turn away a dog due to medical need, injury, behavioral issue or age. And we never limit a dog’s stay. Since 1987, we have found loving homes for nearly 6,000 retired racers, greyhounds discarded by the racing industry and greyhound mixes. From our 50-plus capacity center in San Diego, California’s east county, we carry out statewide adoptions with extensive pre- and post-adoption support.  You are welcome to schedule a personal visit to the adoption center to see the dogs you’ve saved and the miracles that couldn’t have happened without members like you.  Thank you for your support.

Greyhound Adoption Center

PO Box 2433

La Mesa, CA 91943-2433

1-877 HOUNDSAVERS or (877-478-8364)

Email: info@houndsavers.org

Tax ID 95-4132021

Shelter address: 4821 Dehesa Road, El Cajon, CA 92019

The Greyhound Adoption Center (GAC) is a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that rescues, rehabilitates and places greyhounds in loving homes throughout California and partners with other greyhound-rescue groups to give greyhounds a chance at life.

Please join or renew right now.  https://www.houndsavers.org/basket/membership/




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