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GAC Transport Team Delivers

Posted on 09/16/2014

It has been awhile since GAC’s Transport Team last hit the road since so many out-of-town adopters are making the trek to our kennel. But our road crew geared up recently when handsome Sagan (now Harvey) and beautiful Fold (now Kihei) needed a lift to their forever homes — an 850-mile round trip from our kennel. There were lots of scenic stops along the way thanks to the wonderfully coordinated efforts of GAC volunteers Bob Fluty, Kathy Stickradt, and Jim Howell.

Kihei blog post Sept 2014


Kihei (right) is a four-year-old brindle who arrived at GAC in June. She now lives in Madera with her family: Mike, Heather, Kinya and Jagger (GAC’s Jeffy on the left) adopted three years ago. It was love at first sight when Jagger and Kihei were introduced!

Harvey blog post Sept 2014 Two-year-old Harvey was stressed from the day’s long ride (can’t imagine why!) but he reportedly has made greyt strides in the ensuing weeks, bonding with new mom Kelsey and settling in to his forever home in Fresno that includes a pretty kitty. Harvey is happy that GAC volunteers go the extra mile!

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