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Sponsor Dog Update

Posted on 03/01/2015

Baton for Francie






Baton loves living in his own condo and he’s always waiting for that early morning shift to arrive so he can greet everyone. This big boy is not cat safe and the verdict is still out on small dogs. He is quite strong, but super playful, wanting to spend time with anyone and everyone. When he had a chance to visit our fenced-in field, he took off running and really enjoyed the kiddie pool. Baton tuckered himself out having so much fun! He needs some more help with basic manners but there’s no doubt he will be a loyal and fun companion.


Yellowlegs for Francie




Yellowlegs enjoyed his recent star turn at the Cupid and Canines event in San Diego, meeting lots of dogs and all kinds of people. He was a perfect gentleman. But he can’t quite master walking on leash. You see, Yellowlegs prefers twirling around anyone who is holding his lead! We’re working on his directional skills. This handsome boy likes attention and will make a wonderful pet.



Snipe for Francie





Snipey Girl is quite the lady displaying a calm and stately manner while very much enjoying one-on-one time with kennel volunteers. This elegant girl is finely boned with remarkable caramel-colored eyes outlined like Cleopatra. Stunning.

She has considerable composure when greeting people, sometimes giving kisses. Snipe was so excited to go on the monthly walk to Lindo Lake that she sprang into the car and kept looking out the windows so she wouldn’t miss a thing! No doubt she was overjoyed to walk with her kennel buddies at her first formal outing.




Veruca for Francie



Veruca is a beautiful black girl who just turned two, arriving at GAC in January. Lucky for her, she only had to race seven times (lucky number!) and was retired. A strapping 69 pounds, this sweet athlete passed her physical with flying colors and has already learned how to ride quietly in a car. Veruca is outgoing, and we are all looking forward to getting to know her better.

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