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A Runaway Grey Finds Her Way to GAC

Posted on 08/20/2015

Feeling better in Fresno

When a frightened and battered greyhound was spotted running loose outside a Pit Bull rescue kennel in Central California, the good folks there knew who to call. GAC volunteer Jim Howell lives nearby and quickly drove over to meet the sweet little girl he named Becky in honor of Becky Holly at Fresno Bully Rescue who went out of her way to find temporary quarters – complete with kiddie pool – for one very tired greyhound. Becky eventually spent a week being fostered locally by Betty Cochran of Dobe Heaven Rescue before Jim could transport her to GAC.

Becky with pool and cot

One very tired dog










Becky, estimated to be 18 months old, most likely ran away while chasing down rabbits and coyotes for her owners. This smart dog knows how to track down food – she easily tore open some bags of food in the back of Jim’s van. After securing the food, Jim reports he kept this “absolute sweetie” occupied with non-stop muzzle rubs for the next 100 miles.


Becky today!

Lucky for Becky, her injuries were not life-threatening and she is resting comfortably. While awaiting her forever home, Becky has been named our newest Sponsor Dog.

Sponsoring one of our dogs is a great way to learn more about the hounds.Become a sponsor today and help more hounds like Becky!

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