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Mutts In Motion Helps GAC

Posted on 12/16/2014


Greyhounds are not the only dogs with a need for speed!

Mutts In Motion is popular with owners of border collies and other breeds that enjoy competing in Flyball tournaments. This month, GAC supporter and Mutts in Motion member Sherri Neufeld nominated us to receive $100 plus a case of 140 large Milkbone biscuits and we won – yum! Many thanks to the Neufeld family shown here with fellow GAC supporter Jeannette Sawyers after delivering the check to GAC treasurer and board member Jim Howell in Clovis, Calif.

Mutts in Motions Dec 2014 (2)






Sherri Neufeld with her border collie Roxie and Australian shepherd Chelsea, Jim Howell and Zabel (GAC’s Johnny), Jeannette Sawyers and Voodoo (GAC’s Windom), Andy Neufeld and Enzo (GAC’s Cobain)

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