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June Sponsor Dogs

Posted on 06/23/2016

This month’s sponsor dogs are so wonderful, one has already been adopted! But there are three more waiting for new homes. Here they are:

Wahkan June 2016











What a beautiful boy. Active, social, and wanting all the pets he can get. Sometimes shy, but always sweet this two-year old loves walks and just being able to sniff around. Wahkan is ready for the perfect family.

Bock June 2016











This sweet two-year old boy with a loving personality has impaired vision, but it doesn’t hold him back. He’s a real trooper, making a TV appearance to promote greyhound adoption and craving all the pets he can get. Brock is great with people, easily approaching and showing no fear. We hope he gets into a home soon so he can learn the routine while still young.

Nature June 2016











She is definitely a force of nature, this striking greyhound who raced 413 times. Nature turns six in August and she has the delicate, noble bearing of a winner. She may be quiet, but there’s no question who’s in charge. Nature is very people social and loves to be scratched and petted. Now is a perfect time for her to live life as a cherished pet.

Weevil June 2016











This beautiful, shiny, brindle girl already has a new home! Going on five years old, she raced an amazing 255 times so that winning personality easily attracted a loving home right away. Congrats to Weevil!


Please sponsor a GAC dog today.


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