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O Canada! How Bill and Dale Nicholson Took GAC to British Columbia

Posted on 11/27/2014
BC dogs Cluni

Candi and Cluni enjoying a sunny day up north

An online quiz taken in 2000 told Californian Bill Nicholson that a greyhound would be his perfect dog. So Bill and his wife Dale adopted Curi (GAC’s Porcini) through the placement reps in Fresno, Calif. and a year later Cali (GAC’s Gleem) joined the family. Soon they added Cini (GAC’s Artichoke) and when Curi passed away, Charli (GAC’s Karl) came along.  Not wanting to stop at three greys, Bill and his wife soon adopted Cricket (GAC’s Cricket) who took charge right away and has been top dog ever since.

As the years went by, three of their beloved GAC hounds passed away. Bill and Dale really wanted to adopt more GAC hounds to keep Cricket company at their new home in British Columbia. They decided it was finally time to make the 3,200 mile round-trip from Canada to El Cajon and visit the kennel to choose their new hounds in person.

Their first choice was Candi (GAC’s Romance) because she hopped onto Bill’s lap as soon as she saw him and wouldn’t leave. She still sits on his lap every chance she gets.  Cluni (GAC’s Plutonium) was chosen next because the couple felt they could bring him out of his shell and truer words were never spoken. Cricket, Candi and Cluni do their best to represent GAC in Canada. Bill says that the family is already planning their next trip to the GAC kennel. After all, there is always room for another greyhound!

Cricket, Candi and Cluni taking a nap

Cricket, Candi and Cluni taking a nap

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