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Our Newest Sponsor Dogs

Posted on 09/18/2015

BeckyBECKY 08-2015

Just look at what a difference love makes! Becky was discovered roaming around a pit bull rescue kennel just a month ago, starving and covered with cuts. Now her coat is shiny and she is one the most loving dogs you will ever meet! This happy and friendly young girl will have no problem finding the perfect home.

GoogleGOOGLE 08-2015

The doggie version of Esther Williams? Lovely Google loves to go on car rides and take in some shopping. Recently she was “PetCo perfect”, handling the store’s electronic door with ease, ignoring other dogs and letting children pet her. A quick trip to Starbucks netted lots and lots of pets from interested onlookers. And she finally mastered going up and down an outdoor staircase. Such a star!

NEWS: Google just adopted!



Figaro:      This sweet young boy has a very charming personality, eager to “lean in” for lots of pets from anyone who visits his condo. He’s a beautiful light fawn with little puffs of white fur around his shoulders and a rail thin frame that will soon fill out thanks to nutritious food and lots of love from our volunteers. Figaro was part of the Opera dogs rescued on September 5th – a lucky guy who lives the “condo life”  at GAC and shares a big run with the handsome Turandot.


TASER 06-2015 for FrancieOur dedicated volunteers have been working with this shy boy for weeks and it’s paid off! Turns out Taser can be a playful hound and loves learning what the bigger world outside the kennel has to offer. He’s getting used to walks with other dogs and playing with toys in One Greyt Place. And he really enjoys his little harem – an all-girl greyhound group that are his turnout buddies!

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