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Planting Some Shade

Posted on 05/01/2016

A weekend planting team enhanced the landscape on our canine campus!

Laura and Greg

Thanks to a GAC donor, landscape designer Laura Eubanks and her husband Greg Eubanks arrived at GAC with two dozen drought-tolerant plants to fill up the hill next to the outdoor condos.

Laura and Greg 2

Owners of Design for Serenity, Laura and Greg laid out the best plan to help shade the dogs from the hot summer sun. Small shrubs will quickly grow to cover the hillside.

Bare hill one

This part of the campus needed a facelift!

work crew

Volunteer gardeners included (front) Francie Murphy, Darren Rigg, Donna Tierney, Rick Mitchell, (back) Wallace Gavett and Pat Tierney.

Darren and plants

Darren Rigg battled the rock-hard clay soil.

Max at the dig

GAC’s Max kept a keen eye on the workers.

Donna and Pat

The Tierneys came well supplied with shovels.

Pat and the irrigation
Every plant will have its own water source. GAC’s well provides a steady supply.
Light colored dog at the dig
GAC’s Corvette loves his new view. Up next — weed cloth and mulch. A big thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard this weekend! We need folks with all sorts of skills so consider signing up to volunteer today.


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